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If you've already decided to have a tattoo here are a few important points you should remember. First of all, before you go Ask the studio of their opinion of the artist working there: if his/her work is at a good level of technical and artistic skill.

If you are able to evaluate his work directly on the skin, Or If you want to see his/her photographs, or drawings. Then if any part of his/her work arouses suspicions or if he/she has had problems with any part of his/her work he/she should inform you of this.

In the studio, Remember to check how clean it is in general and how clean the decor is etc etc ,
And whether or not the artist is clean and neat. If someone does not care about their appearance and does not care about hygiene and sterility in the studio then they normally arent!!!.

Feel free to ask about anything you would like to know the answers to:

•  Whether the needles are sterile and disposable .
•  How they carry out sterilization .
•  Does the artist carry out periodic tests.
•  What happens with the needles when they are disgarded.
•  What paint is used on the tattoo.
•  Information on How to care for a fresh tattoo .
•  How many years the artist has been doing tattoos.


The happiness and joy of having your tattoos can stop if it gets infected. So In addition to the proper care of the fresh tattoo. The tattoo artist must ensure basic hygiene.

The following points must be checked to see whether the tattoo artist is working in accordance with Regulatory Guidelines. If you experience one or more of these problems, it is better
not to use the service.

•  Artist not wearing gloves during and after the tattoo.
•  If he/she touches dirty equipment in the studio whilst wearing the same gloves.
•  Equipment on which the work is carried out is not adequately protected against accidental contamination.
•  The working surface is not cleaned after the previous client.
•  The artist does not change the needle after the previous tattoo.
•  Strangers who touch the equipment of the tattoo artist.

Choose your theme very carefully and consider these points.
*Remember*,To not have a tattoo out of spite towards an individual or a theme that entertains you for two to three days and to remember this is for the rest of your life . As in the case of nightmarish devils and dolphins etc etc which you may regret later in life.

It is best if you visit the studio a few times, so that a decision is taken not in a fit of madness or rage but only when you are completely sure and satisfied it is what you really want.

Also Remember, if you have your own unique theme and design to choose your date and time to get it done.

Here are some pointers:

•  Firstly you need to be refreshed and had a good nights sleep.
•  Make sure you eat at least an hour before to help stop you feeling faint.
•  Take care of personal cleanliness and hygine and have clean clothes.
•   Inform artist of any complications such as allergies skin problems .

It is worth to know what to do after you have a tattoo.


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